Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The New Year

So we begin again. A new year (some of you are already well into the year, others, like me, are still beginning). And you know what? I am optimistic.

Looking back, 2008 was filled with drama, problems, fights, worries. It was still awesome. It was my best year yet. Why? I accomplished everything I set out to accomplish. I fell in love with an awesome city. I won 3 medals for action-soccer. I got into shape (and back out of it). I started writing. I made some new friends (and an enemy or two). It made me realise that there are so many beautiful things to think about.

2009 is going to be without doubt the best year of my life. I know it. I’m fresh, the world is crisp and shiny and new, and everything is laid out on a giant silver platter for me (and everyone else that wants a piece) to grab it. And you know what? I’m going to eat it with two spoons.

I want my year to be so unbelievably busy, that when Christmas 2009 rolls around, I am so glad it has arrived because I am utterly and completely fucked. I want to be so exhausted that all I can do is sit and eat roast potatoes and think about how much I did that year. I want people to look at me and think I am the most inspiring person they know (apart from Barack Obama of course).

How will I do this? I’m just going to do things. My new philosophy is this – if you want it, do it. You get nothin’ for nothin’. You have to get up off your cute derriere and make it happen. With that in mind, I’ve slightly altered my list of resolutions for 2009. Along with the usual “lose weight”, “save money” and “indicate before changing lanes” kind of resolutions, I’m setting hard and concrete goals. I want my list to be so long that when someone asks, “Brett, can I see your resolutions for 2009?” and I hand them the list, they say, “Jesus Christ that’s a long list!” and you know what? I want to tick off every single item, and then make a new list. By June.

My goals are attainable. Learn to surf. Write 10 short stories. Weigh 80kgs. Go to Paris. Learn French. Get a pilot’s licence. Read a book on philosophy. I think the only way to live is for someone to say to me, “Did you watch Carte Blanche last night?” and to respond with, “No, I’m too busy ticking off goals on my 2009 to do list that I don’t watch TV other than football matches.” And that’s how I intend on living 2009. It’s going to be legen –

- wait for it -

- dary!

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