Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Blogging

So, Matthew and I have decided to hold a dual blogging exercise. Every week, once a week, at a set date, we shall agree upon a topic to write about, and shall post said entry to our respective blogs. This entry is the first of these said agreed upon topics – a blog entry about blog entries.

My thoughts on this exercise were to have a means of having a “deadline” in which to complete an entry, to force each other to write, no matter what, and to limit the entry to some kind of predefined topic. This makes writing easier – I think it’s well known that being able to write about absolutely anything is far more difficult than writing about some preset topic, even if the topic is not the most ideal for your writing talents.

This setting of boundaries on writing and when to have finished by (with the added incentive of comparing your work to, and learning from, someone else’s work on the same topic) should get our creative juices flowing, and will make the task of writing easier. Each week, we now have a common goal. We have an extra something to discuss, and can get both our creative, writing minds going, with the addition of arguing over moot points in diverse subjects ranging from religion and philosophy to sport and culture (popular or otherwise).

We’ve both set a target of three blog posts per week over the year. This is my third post this week, though I am way behind in schedule for the entire year. I’m hoping that this task will motivate me to write more posts more often, and to get me thinking about things that everyone should be considering a little more. That’s the end of this week’s taster, and here’s looking forward to next week’s topic.

EDIT: Matthew's blog can be found here: Spiral to the Abyss

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