Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Secret

I almost immediately switch off when I hear people mention The Secret. For those of you that have bothered to read past the first sentence, let me elaborate: my main problem with The Secret is its title. Because it's not a secret. Not just in the sense that almost everyone has heard of The Secret, but that its contents are the same positive thinking mumbo jumbo that have been hippie-ing along for years.

Surely it's common knowledge that positive thinking and the like actually work? How many happy people do you know that continually wallow in their failure? I read a blog post recently by a fellow co-worker, about balance and the power that the word holds. It's a good concept, and it all means well and for someone who is down on their luck and not feeling very inspired and looking for a change, it would no doubt hold some value, but I just can't help but feel annoyed by this recent spate of motivational topics aimed at "enlightening" us.

Perhaps it's because I read books, or that I was brought up by a woman who believed in such things, or that I was plain lucky to come across such terms at a young age, but it still surprises me to find out how few people actually know about subjects like positive thinking and "following the bread crumbs", as my co-worker terms it.

I place such things in the same category as I do religion, in that I don't necessarily subscribe to the mainstream view of the Big JC and hold religious beliefs like some people do, but I understand that some people need something to hold on to and believe in, and Jesus represents that for them so they cling to it. It doesn't matter whether He was not the son of God (thanks for that one, Dan Brown) or not, and it also doesn't matter whether The Secret has been around for a billion years in some form or not, but some people's lives are greatly affected and made better by it, so it is a good thing.

I just think, that at some point, maybe in guidance class in school, we should list these things and make kids aware that such things exist. If these magical secrets do in fact make miracles for normal people, then everyone should be partaking in their dark and mysterious rituals.

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