Monday, November 24, 2008

What is wrong with the world?

What is wrong with people these days? It seems to me that the current crop of youth (a term I still use to refer to myself, though I hope I don’t fall into the same behavioral category) have serious social issues.

I’ve never in my life come across so many people who’s ambition in life is to get as much as possible for as little as possible in return. We are the generation of instant gratification, of double whopper super size me’s, of “The world is mine and I shall rape it and plunder it and give nothing back”.

Inflation doesn’t just apply to life in an economic context. It applies to everything. 20 years ago the single teenage stabbing per year on London streets was horrific. The attack and rape of an unarmed child was public outrage. Today, in our HIV infested world, we turn a nervous blind eye to the kids who have drunkenly owned London streets using violence and knives since they were nine years old. We avoid reading news reports of our young boys raping each other on primary school playing fields. We raise “I told you so” eyebrows at the evidence of a failing government and turn the page to read Zapiro’s too-close-to-home cartoons.

People are world fucks – I use that term as a verb, in the sense of aggravated, vulgar copulation with an unwilling, inanimate participant – and nothing is changing. I see young people daily using and using, exploiting, taking, for as little effort as possible. People are too lazy for their own good. They complain about not being taken seriously, about not having everything delivered too them.

If you want something done – do it yourself. Do it properly, and think about what the consequences mean to the next person. Instead of worrying about what Johnny “I wear bright blue skinny jeans and steal road signs all the time” WorldFuck thinks of you, worry about standing up and doing the right thing, and doing it properly.

Alpha male doesn’t mean the guy who has the most money, breaks the most things, gets most drunk, and sleeps with the most girls. It means the guy who stands up and takes control of the situation (not the people) he finds himself in, and executes the solution that most suits everyone. Yes, he may not get instant gratification, yes, he may not directly benefit from his solution, yes, he may be required to spend a little more cash or put in some effort, but that’s the way the world should work. And unfortunately, the same applies to girls – especially considering our oversensitive population’s issues with equality.

We need the youth to take their hands off their Xbox controllers and to make a difference. We need fighters, disciplinarians, hard workers, and doers. I’m sick and tired of the takers and the abusers. I’m going to do things right. Are you?

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