Monday, December 15, 2008

The Mountain is Changing Me!

So nothing really exciting has happened to me of late, apart from my awesome new camera that I bought (which also happens to be a phone - sweet!). I decided to take the plunge and pay some cash for a decent phone, one that would actually receive smses. In any case, I've been taking photos like a madman (5 mega pixel cameras rock) and tweeting a lot too, probably a bit more than is healthy. But twitter is cool! Find me at and send me a tweet.

I've also been struggling to write lately, though I could attribute that to visiting family and not having much time for writing. Yeah, that's the reason! But mostly, I've tended to shy away from writing in my blog for fears that it would become a haven for my rants, and I wouldn't want to poison your rich and successful life with my cynical hatred and twisted sense of humour, now would I? No, I won't do that. I won't continually complain about how generally useless, unfriendly, greedy and lazy other people are.

Rather, I thought I'd mention how it's interesting how places change you, how the feeling of a new home or city can seep into your thoughts and alter, ever so slightly, the way you think. I've noticed it now that Chelsea and Dylan are here visiting - the Joburg / Cape Town stereotypes are true! Well, some of them anyway. One of which is that we Capetonians (I now qualify as one, surely?) are way more chilled out. We don't really favour strict schedules and plans, we walk slowly, we take things in, even the sun takes a few hours longer to set than in Jozi.

Is that only me? No, I don't think so. I've even noticed small changes to my accent - I'm not as flat in my pronunciation of words anymore. I also tend to notice less what other people are wearing, and perhaps not be as scared of strange looking people as I once was. The mountain is changing me!

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