Monday, December 8, 2008


So, I was reading the Thewster's blog today, Spiral to the Abyss. His latest post, It Starts With You, is a good idea (I think so, anyway). We all need to try that little bit harder, myself included.

Just the other day I gave a few coins to a guy on the side of the road who collects rubbish (Last time I screamed at him because he gave me attitude for not giving him money, meantime an empty bottle was lying on the road 2 metres away from him. Pick up the god damned rubbish!), and I've started using less electricity where possible. I've also made it a point lately to say hello, and genuinely enquire how the person who is serving me is. To my delight, they all smile and seem genuinely happy when they see that I'm really asking, and that I really want to know their answer. Word Thew. Word.

I've become somewhat obsessed with Twitter lately. It's like a facebook status, only you're not bombarded with all the normal facebook crap at the same time. I guess you could say it's almost like a group chat room, except more personal and much less time consuming. I like it! It makes me feel like I own an eBook reader where I get my daily newspapers delivered, and am sophisticated and political and new age and have lots of important friends that matter.

The only problem is my complete lack of twitter friends (much like me complete lack of blog readers, which is also somewhat sad). Currently it's only Hannah (Word Hannah, Word.) and Thew, and possibly Chelsea (Word Thew and Chelsea, Word.) and you. Unless of course "you" is one of the above. If not, Word you, Word.

Oh, I've also nearly completed another short story. Soon, I'll be submitting two short stories for publishing - She Eats Flowers (Yes, you have heard that name somewhere) and Unlocked. I'm also contemplating a re-write of another, though it's name currently eludes me (It's got to with a kid who cuts peoples' limbs off with scissors to steal their souls. It's pretty disturbing. Note to self: eat less cheese before going to sleep.), and that would make 4 short stories submitted this year! Which would be amazing. Word Brett, Word.

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Niall said...

So I read your blog. Not too shabby Brett, not too shabby at all. I'm interested in your short stories (I write my own). Swing one of 'em my way so I can take a gander. If its not crap, I'll return the favour.