Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Rant

So, due to lack of a topic for this week's Friday post, I'll just throw in some random thoughts shifting around in my head. I'll start with the topic of dreams - often the question has arisen asking whether or not the dream world is an actual world that we live in, and whether the characters we dream about actually exist or are just a fragment of our imagination. Well, I found a comic that just about sums up my thoughts on some of that:

I don't think I need to elaborate any further.

A few other things I've thought about - one being how people live and experience life. Perhaps I am strange (well, I know I am) but certain things hold value for me not in their value or meaning or enjoyment - but in their ritual. An example would be me going to Seattle on Kloof Street every Sunday for a Grande Slightly Wild Mocha Freeze. There are probably cheaper, better drinks out there, and if not there is certainly a Seattle at Cavendish - much closer than where I am. So why go there?

The same thing applies to Mexico (ok, the restaurant's actual name is Mexicano or something, but that's less cool) - the food is great. But for me, it's not just going there to eat great food. It's the ritual represented by the act - the experience of eating at Mexico, combined with friends and frozen margheritas and Mexican beer (even if it is twice the price) make it something I enjoy. If I was just going there for the food, I really wouldn't go at all - because I'd just get take away and eat it at home in front of my TV.

It annoys me then, when people I know fail to take the ritual and the enjoyment out of otherwise mundane acts - because if we don't find happiness and beauty in small things, then we will always be disappointed and never quite fulfilled. I take pride in the fact that I can have an absolutely awesome day by just sitting on a bench in the Company's Gardens for 5 minutes. Life isn't about the big things, and about everything being perfect and fitting the picture. It's about finding the beauty in the things that don't quite fit the picture. Otherwise nothing will ever make sense.

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Angela said...

Sounds good to me. I think everyone should slow down and enjoy life. If everything feels like a job (eating, sleeping, working, running around) it makes life kinda boring.