Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So, yesterday I reached that all important milestone of 30 posts - 15 of those came last year, and 15 this year. However, it's the 12th week of the year, and so my 2009 goal of 3 blog posts a week falls short by a miserable 18 posts or so. In saying that, I now resolve to write a post a day until the numbers are even. By my calculation, it should take me 4-5 weeks to make up the backlog of posts... quite a task! But, I hope you're up to reading them, because I certainly am up to writing them!

On a separate note: do you prefer summer or winter? Don't go all "I prefer spring" on me, you know what I mean - do you prefer hot or cold? I always reckon it's far easier to get warm than it is to get cool, and being cold is far more comfortable than being hot (and by extensions sweaty and sticky and ugh), and so I think I do prefer winter (or Autumn, whatever). As much as I love the beach, and hot girls in short skirts, and all those cool summer things, you can't really beat snuggling up in a blanket on the couch with a giant mug of hot stuff (coffee, milo, tea, whatever your poison) and watching some telly. Winter rocks!

It may also be due to my skewed outlook, and associating "black and white" with winter or coldness. For whatever strange reasons, I like the city when it's cold and rainy, because everything is grey and black and white and shiny and steam rises off the streets and its just awesome. And I get to wear a scarf. So there. Enjoy winter, people!

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Thew said...

I'd have to go for summer. In winter I never get that dreaded feeling that hot summer is coming. In summer though when those first chilly mornings come there's always that miserable feeling that winter is coming.