Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Julius Malema

Julius Malema has short man, short dick syndrome. A hell of an opener, yes, but I write in reference to this article: ANCYL slams Nando's Ad. To think that the ruling party's youth league has threatened to take "militant action against Nando's and anything associated with Nando's" over an advert is ridiculous. Where did free speech go? Where did our sense of humour go? Who gave Julius Malema the right to mobilize the public army to battle against a food change that the entire country frequents? Because they said something he doesn't like? What hogwash!

Malema is an idiot. A fool. He is a loud mouth, a dog with a loud, annoyingly high pitched bark, and no bite. He is one of those men that would favour the line "do you want to take this outside, bru?" And would potentially follow it up with "you're a bit of a chop, hey. Bru." I can handle the stupid machine gun song. I can even take the dancing. Hell, the corruption is a given in government, so I can probably live with that (though obviously my vote is directed at opposing it), but I cannot handle arrogance and stupidity mixed with support based on blind faith.

The truth facing South Africans right now is that we are being led by a bunch of moronic, money hungry struggle heroes who favour power and status over their service to the country. They want to earn as much as possible for doing as little as possible, and the only exception to the rule is Trevor Manuel, as far as I'm concerned. And still, two thirds of our country will vote for a party not because of the party's values or policies, but because of a corrupt, HIV infected rapist, that has no schooling higher than a standard seven, that uses a 30 year old child to serve fevered and religious support to his giant, struggle hero ego.

I would like to see Julius Malema face to face. I would take the chance of possibly facing his bodyguards and some prison time, for the chance of publicly breaking his over-exercised, yapping jaw. What a fucking idiot.


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Check this out :-D


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This country is a joke, just like old Julius!


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